|  923 Climate Justice March in Seoul  (923기후정의행진)

 |  September 23rd, 14:00 PM (9.23(토) 14:00) 

 |  Sejong-ro, Seoul (Get off at City Hall Station of subway Line no.1. It will be loud enough for you to find us.) (세종대로(시청역 7번출구 ~ 숭례문))   

 | Speeches and performances (12pm), rally (2pm), and march (4pm for 2 hrs) 

    Timetable will be notified later ! (시간표 추후 공지 예정)

Return of The Climate Justice March in Seoul on September 23rd

On September 23, a large-scale climate justice march will be held in Seoul, South Korea. Along with other inspiring movements around the world, there have been two climate protests held in Korea in 2019 and 2022, each attended by 5,000 and 30,000 people respectively. Since then, climate disasters have continued on in different parts of the world putting more people’s lives at stake. The promised reduction of greenhouse gasses is far from being met, and the growing issue of inequality is only becoming more prominent. It is inevitable for us to voice our resistance against corporate powers and the corruption of politics. To call out the hypocrisy of the climate policy proposed by the Yoon Seok-yeol government, to condemn the policies that are polarizing the society, and to demand justice towards corporations, following last year, 30,000 people are planning to march together in Seoul on September 23. By far, over 200 organizations have joined the September 23 Climate Justice March Group, to prepare the demonstration. As we recognize the march as part of the climate justice movement worldwide, we express our solidarity to like-minded people who are fighting in their places. 

For people in Korea :

This march offers a safe and free participatory space. It is open to all including those whose first language is not Korean. We encourage people to bring their own signs and demands. Participants can also bring instruments and objects that can make a loud noise during the march.

Place of meeting: Sejong-ro, Seoul (Get off at City Hall Station of subway Line no.1. The amp sound will be loud enough for you to find us!) 

Time: speeches and performances (12pm), rally (2pm), and march (4pm for 2 hrs)

Info: https://action4climatejustice.kr

Contact : action4climatejustice@gmail.com 

For people in different parts of the world:

We invite people from all around the world to send us messages of solidarity for the climate justice march. We will share your messages with the Korean civil society. Your participation will help us amplify the collective voice for climate justice in Korea and around the world. Please send us messages of solidarity to action4climatejustice@gmail.com by September 20th. 

We encourage people to join the climate justice march from where they are on September 23rd or during that week. Let us come together through varying ways - i.e. press conferences, picketing, and marching - to raise awareness and create a pan-East Asian and global solidarity for climate justice.